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Safari Tent FAQs

How long do the tents last?

The tents are designed to last for many years, but this will vary according to the environment, the weather, how well they are looked after and if they are taken down during the winter period and stored in a dry environment. You should expect around 10 years of life for both the roof and the inner tent of our superior range, and more for the premium.

What is the order period?

Our tents are manufactured in Germany and we order in bulk blocks to keep the costs low and the manufacturing process efficient. We can usually deliver a superior or premium tent within 8 weeks of order, but we do hold stock in the UK so this can be much quicker in many circumstances. For tents that need to be modified with additional doors, windows etc, the order period is usually an additional 2 weeks

Why are your tents so much less than other UK manufactures?

Our tents are manufactured using the best canvas and PVC materials available from Ten Cate and are then manufactured in one of Europe's largest tent factories in Germany. The frames are then added to the final package here in the UK. By sourcing our materials in bulk, by concentrating only on safari tents and by using modern and efficient German manufacturing techniques we can keep our prices low for better quality tents.

Do I have to buy the interiors from you?

No, we are happy to provide you with advice on what your interiors need to include, but as the facilities will vary according to your own specific target market and locality, you will often find having direct input into how your tents will look is more beneficial. However, if required, we do provide a full turnkey service which includes building the base, putting the tent up, and fitting out the interior, take down for the winter, storage and re erection in the spring. We are also happy to put you in touch with one of our designers who will be very happy to help you create your own unique glamping experience.

Do I need planning?

Planning can vary from authority to authority and you will need to make a specific assessment for your local area. In the UK camping is controlled by several pieces of legislation, including the Public Health Act of 1936 and the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960.

In theory, any landowner is permitted to use his or her land as a tented camping site without a site licence, but there could still be planning permission and other health and safety issues. Schedule 2, Part 4, Class A of the General Permitted Development Order allows the use of land for various purposes – including the ‘stationing of tents' for up to 28 days in any calendar year but for periods over 28 days, you will need to consult your local authority.

In essence, to operate a camping site you will need to be licenced by the local council and depending on the current use of your land, you will need planning permission for change of use.

It is difficult to be specific as the rules will vary in their interpretation from council to council so it is best to consult a local planning consultant or talk to the council direct, sometimes they can be helpful sometimes they aren't. You may also find significant help and advice from the NFU as well as local tourist groups and organisations such as the Camping and Caravan Club of Great Britain (CCCGB). You should also note that you can avoid a lot of the legal pitfalls by becoming a certificated site under the auspices of the CCCGB.

Repair Charter

While every effort is made to ensure the strength and stability of our products, we do recognise that accidents happen and tents can get damaged during normal use. In the event that you require a repair to your tent, you can contact us and we will endeavour to get it completed as quickly as possible. All services are priced on a time and materials basis.

The process is as follows: 1. Send us a picture of the damage with some information on how it happened. 2. We will assess the damage and agree an estimated price 3. We will arrange for a repair to be made in situ or we will collect the tent and bring it back to our workshops for repair. The frame would normally be left in place so it is just the tent or the roof that we will transport 4. Once repair has been made, we will return the tent to your site 5. We can then either leave it for your team to erect, or we can erect it for you

Each estimate will be priced as follows:
Estimate – FOC
Collection - £30 per hour from office location to site, removal of tent and return journey to office
Repair - £25 per hour
Delivery of repaired tent - £30 per hour from office location to site, erection of tent and return journey to office

Can I make modifications?

Yes you can. We can make the tent specifically to meet your needs, just ask and we will be happy to advise.